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Three compelling reasons to consider purchasing Remanufactured product:
We're happy to report that buying Recycled/ Remanufactured office systems furniture is an excellent cost-cutting opportunity. It offers 65-80% savings over the cost of new furniture and is an economical way to upgrade and update your work environment. Recycling also sets a great example for your company's employees. It shows that your company is managing assets wisely and sends the message that conservation and waste reduction is an important corporate goal.

Remanufacturing provides the ultimate in flexibility!
Many consumers are amazed at the options available. Instead of a pre-determined selection of finishes, remanufactured office furniture offers hundreds of available colors, fabrics, custom sizes, and shapes. This allows you and your designer complete creative freedom. We'll take into account your needs, your budget and your taste to create just the look you're after.

Remanufacturing is recycling at its best!
Perhaps the greatest virtue of Recycled/Remanufactured furniture is the conservation of our energy and natural resources that would otherwise be needed to manufacture new products. Such savings impact our planet in profoundly positive ways by reducing air and water pollution, preventing environmental degradation, and conserving landfill space. Office furniture recycling extends the lives of resources already in circulation such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, and fiber, using them over and over to the fullest extent possible. Buying recycled also creates jobs and improves the competitiveness of industry. Simply put, it is good for us all.

Dispelling Common Myths

Myth: Recycled/Remanufactured products are inferior in quality.
Simply not true. Our recycled office furniture is restored to like-new condition- equal to new furniture in quality and reliability. All of our product carries a full warranty, guaranteeing customers the quality they expect and deserve. In fact the quality of fabrics and finishes can far exceed the standard offering of the original equipment manufacturer.

Myth: Recycled/ Remanufactured products are hard to find.
Whether you're right-sizing or a growing company, we can match your furniture. Creative Office has been servicing the remanufacturing industry since 1986, and is the oldest full service Remanufacturer in the western United States. As a charter member of the Office Furniture Recyclers Forum & the Recycling Industries Council International Creative Office maintains a national presence in the market place for the purchase of quality used product.

Myth: Recycled products cost more.
Our average prices are substantially less than new. The conservation of energy and natural resources means that our office furniture can be Remanufactured for less than it costs to build new product. This savings is passed along to you!



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